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Date: 2015-8-7 15:32:23

BVI Introduction

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea located approximately 80 kilometers east of Puerto Rico. The BVI is a British Dependent Territory which became self-governing in 1967 and is a member of the British Commonwealth.


Since the start of the islands internal –government in 1967, the British Virgin Islands have been quite successful at tackling drug trafficking and drug use, forming a party for the 1995 election called the Concerned Citizens’ Movement. It seems as if islanders are keen to preserve their home as a 'paradise'.


The British Virgin Islands are, for now, a resounding success to be a destination for the persons who want to get away from over-commercialization.


In 1984, International Business Company (IBC) legislation was introduced, and the BVI offshore financial services sector was established, and is now the world's most popular offshore centre with around 700,000 companies incorporated. The newly enacted BC Act should further enhance the jurisdictions popularity.


Besides the jurisdictions popularity, there is no shortage of excellent restaurants and inns serving local and international dishes. Most food is imported but local island specialties are often available. In addition to the hotels, eateries can be found on Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.


There are also many national specialties, including seafood dishes, Roti (a kind of flavorful East Indian flat bread), Paté (a dish baked or grilled, stuffed into pita bread), Fungi, and many delicious local fruits.


In BVI, there are many hotels and several bars having special nights with live music or dancing. There is one cinema, which is on Tortola. And for any forthcoming events, the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board will publish the details in its publications.