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Beijing Overview
Date: 2015-8-6 10:27:20

Beijing Introduction

Referred to as "Beijing, Beijing is the capital of China, the country's political and cultural center and international communication hub, is also a famous historical and cultural city, and xi 'an, luoyang, kaifeng, nanjing, hangzhou and listed as China's six ancient capital.
Natural conditions
Located in the northwest edge of north China plain, Beijing is located in the downtown of 39 degrees north latitude, longitude 116 degrees, surrounded by around in hebei province, southeast and tianjin.The whole city area of over sixteen thousand square kilometers, 12 districts (in dongcheng district, xicheng, chongwen district, xuanwu, chaoyang district, haidian district, fengtai district, the shijingshan district, mentougou district, fangshan district, tongzhou district, shunyi district) 6 counties (daxing county, pinggu, ChangPing County, huairou county, miyun county, yanqing county), more than 1100 population.Beijing is warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate, hot and rainy summer, cold and dry winter, spring, fall short, and the annual average temperature of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius.
Ancient history
Beijing is one of the famous historical and cultural city and ancient capital of the world.As early as seven hundred thousand years ago, in the Beijing choukoution area the primitive tribal people "Peking man".And Beijing city also has two thousand years of history, the first recorded name is "ji" (thistle).In 1045 BC, Beijing becomes the capital of ji and yan ducal states;In 221 BC, qin shi huang unified China, Beijing has been is in northern China town and the local center;Since 938, in Beijing capital has become the liao, jin, yuan, Ming and qing dynasties, countries are mostly.On October 1, 1949 formally as the capital of the People's Republic of China.
Tourism resources
Beijing has rich tourism resources, tourist attractions of opening to the outside world more than 200, is the world's largest palaces of the Forbidden City, temple of heaven to worship temple, imperial gardens in the north sea, imperial garden Summer Palace, badaling and mutianyu, simatai Great Wall as well as the world's largest courtyard respectful wang fu and so on various sites.A total of 7309 cultural relics in the city, the national cultural relics protection units, 42, 222 municipal cultural relics protection units.Beijing were made for the pagoda tree and arborvitae, flower for Chinese rose and chrysanthemum.In addition, Beijing produce of ivory carving, jade carving, cloisonne, carpet and other traditional handicrafts ChiYu world.
Traffic telecommunications
With 4125.8 kilometers of city road, the road area of 49.214 million square meters.City road 13597 kilometers, highway density 80.9 kilometers per million square kilometers.With 54 kilometers of subway line 2, and ferry passengers 430 million passengers.Capital airport has opened more than 200 international and domestic routes, leading to the world's major countries and regions, and in most cities in China.In the capital international airport and 21.69 million passengers, the busiest airport in Asia.Beijing has with all countries and regions in the world, postal services, domestic direct line can be up to 2300 cities, international direct telephone can amount to 260 countries and regions.At the end of 2000, the city's public sites fixed telephone penetration rate of 50.8 / one hundred people, including the city 66.4 telephones per one hundred people;Mobile phone users reached 2.66 million;Electronic calculator Internet users reached 563000.
Science education
Beijing is the largest base of science and technology research, Chinese academy of sciences and other scientific research institutions and the zhongguancun science park, known as the China's silicon valley, has won national awards every year result accounts for one-third of the country.Beijing is also the most developed area, the national education in 2000 after adjustment of 59 institutions of higher learning, including Peking University, tsinghua university, renmin university of China, Beijing normal university and so on of the most famous institution of higher learning.Beijing has Asia's largest library, library of 24, has more than hundred many museums.
Foreign communication
Beijing with the rest of the world, regional economic, trade, science and technology, education, cultural exchanges increasingly strengthen.Friendly exchanges between governments, private and social groups are active. Beijing and 124 in the capital and big cities in 72 countries have friendly relationship, which has been with 27 cities in 24 countries established a friendly relationship.
Existing foreign embassy in Beijing, 137, 17, international organizations and regional representative offices of foreign news agency, 190. Set up in Beijing, foreign representative offices in Beijing, which has more than 7000, foreign students, more than 17000 people. Beijing has successfully held the 11th Asian games, the fourth world conference on women, the 21st world university games and other large international conference.
Every year over the past 1998 years, the success of the new and high technology industries as the subject of major international events - Beijing high and new technology industries.In 2002, Beijing area foreign trade import and export gross of $52.51 billion, exports of $12.61 billion.In 2002, the actual use of foreign capital of $5.1 billion.The world's largest 500 multinational company has more than 160 investment in Beijing.