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Hong Kong
Date: 2015-7-31 18:18:46

Capital Raising in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is Mainland Chinas international equity funding centre. Shares of Mainland China enterprises listed in Hong Kong take the form of H-shares, red chips and Mainland private enterprises.


Red chips are enterprises that are incorporated outside of Mainland China but are controlled by Mainland entities. As at end 2014, 133 red chips were listed in Hong Kong, with a combined market capitalisation of US$670 billion or 20.9% of SEHK’s total market capitalisation.
As the world’s second largest importer, Mainland China is one of the most promising markets for most major global corporations. Hong Kong has become a preferred listing place for international corporations that sell into the Mainland market. These companies benefit from the familiarity of Mainland households with their products and receive high valuation in listing.
Hong Kong is fast becoming the leading fundraising market for world mineral and exploration companies. As at end June 2013, the market capitalisation of resources companies listed on the SEHK was about US$390 billion, accounting for 14% of SEHK’s equity market capitalisation and a 17-fold increase from US$23 billion in 2002.
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