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Date: 2016-1-15 16:46:33

Jinan Investment Fields for Foreign Capital


For foreign investment, Jinan has already opened up urban public transportation, water supply, heating, gas supply, sewage treatment, recycling of used water and garbage disposal, etc. Welcome all forms of capital to be involved in the urban construction such as franchise, transfer of equity, joint construction and operation, BOT and TOT, etc.


Real Estate

By the end of 2010, Jinan will cover an urban land area of 330 sq. kilometers with a total urban population of 340 million. That means Jinan will averagely increase its urban construction land area by 30 sq. kilometers every year and urban population by 0.2 million. In order to implement the blueprint Jinan will invest 10 billion USD every year. Welcome foreign capital to invest in the development of the new city area, reconstruction of the old city section and the construction of cultural, sports, recreation facilities and economically applied houses.


State-owned Enterprises transformation

So far Jinan still has about 100 state-owned enterprises involving 15 industries in 37 categories such as mechanic electronics, chemical industry, light industry, commerce and trade, construction and transportation etc with an existent asset of 6 billion USD. There are nearly 10,000 products among which production of forging press, digital controlLED machine tools, power station boilers, electronic scales etc. has reached a certain scale. In order to speed up the strategic restructuring of Jinan state-owned economy and optimization of its industrial layout, Jinan is actively pushing forward the reform of the state-owned enterprises with a focus on the development of such industrial chains as Machinery manufacturing, transportation equipment, metallurgy and iron-steel making. We warmly welcome investors to participate in reorganization and reconstruction of our state-owned industrial corporations in forms of direct investment, merging, equity transfer, technology cooperation, joint R&D and listing overseas, etc.


New and Hi-tech Industry

Combined with the construction of development zones, Jinan will speed up the development of new & hi-tech industry. By keeping self-reliant innovation with technical introduction, Jinan will give priority to developing information technology, bio-engineering, new material and new energy industries. We encourage foreign capital to invest in R&D center construction and venture capital to be involved in hi-tech fields. Jinan will offer preferential policies to foreign funded enterprises in these fields.


Service Sectors

In order to bring into a full play the city’s geographical advantages and radiating functions, we will introduce large retail enterprises and supermarkets from abroad, introduce modern service industries such as foreign banks, insurance and tourist companies and agencies. We will also plan to construct logistics centers and auxiliary facilities around Jinan radiating the whole Shandong and Bohai rim areas. We have also launched preferential terms for outsourcing businesses, supporting them in infrastructures, employment etc.


Modern Agriculture

Jinan is rich in agricultural resources with a long history of livestock raising and vegetable plantation. “Zhangqiu Green Chinese Onion”, “Pingyin Rose”, “Huaiyin Onion” and “Shanghe Garlic” are all well known on both domestic and international markets. We welcome foreign investment to be involved in the fields of agricultural hi-tech, standardized production of raising, in-depth processing of agricultural products and construction of export-oriented agricultural production bases. Jinan has great business opportunities and a bright cooperation future. Welcome friends to come for sightseeing, doing business, making investment and seeking common development in our city.


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