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Date: 2016-1-15 16:58:28

Kunming Development Zones and Industrial Parks

Kunming is the capital of beautiful Yunnan Province located in the far southwestern corner of China.  Its proximity to other neighboring provinces such as Guizhou, Sichuan, and Tibet as well as its shared border with Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in China.  Kunming is also increasingly becoming a travel hub as the closest major city in China to both India and Thailand in addition to the growing popularity of nearby Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan Province.


Development zones

Kunming has two major development zones, Kunming High-tech Industrial Development Zone (biological medicine, new materials, electronic information, photoelectron, agriculture) and Kunming Economic and Technology Development Zone (mechanical equipment production, biological science and food industry, information industry, software). Kunming's chief industries are copper, lead and zinc production. Its iron and steel industry has been expanded. Salt and phosphate mines around Kunming are some of the largest in China. Yunnan Copper Company Limited, based in Kunming, is one of Yunnan's largest mining corporations. From the late 1970s, Kunming's main industries also came to include food and tobacco processing and the manufacture of construction equipment and machines.


Kunming is a center of engineering and the manufacture of machine tools, electrical machinery, equipment and automobiles (including heavy goods vehicles). It has a chemical industry, and plastics, cement works and textile factories. Its processing plants, which include tanneries, woodworking and papermaking factories, use local agricultural products. In 1997, Yunnan Tire Co. opened a tire plant in Kunming, with a capacity to produce two million tires per year.


Industrial parks

There are 30 key industrial parks promulgated and recognized by National Development and Reform Commission in Yunnan Province.


The largest include:

Chenggong Industrial Park

Anning Industrial Park

Songming Yanglin Industrial Development Zone

Dongchuan Special Industrial Park

Xundian Special Industrial Park

Kunming Haikou Industrial Park


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