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Date: 2015-7-28 16:20:45

Labuan Company Registration Advantages

Foreigner are allow to do internatinal business in Malaysia by incorporate Labuan company. The benefits are:
- You can 100% owned the company, without need of local partner
- Incorporation procedure is fast, within 14 days upon submitted complete documents
- For trading business, profit tax only 3% or maximum RM20,000, upon your election
- For investment holding company, no profit tax
- All your personal income on salaries, fees, bonuses – nontaxable.
- No payment of GST / Sales / Service Tax for your company
- Can open bank account in worldwide as well as your preferred foreign currency of USD, Euro, HKD, SGD, AUD and etc
- 2 years renewable multiple-entry Business Visa available for you and your family with children age below 21
- Your parents can be included in the 2 years Business Visa
- You can stay in everywhere in Malaysia, except East Malaysia!
- Your children can study in international schools
- Personal bank account can be set-up after your business visa is obtained
- Renewable of Business Visa is straight forward as long as you and your family do not contravene Malaysia laws
- Company registration and business visa applications can be done while you are in your home country