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Date: 2016-1-15 18:10:09

Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone

Shaoxing is located in the coastal area of southeast of China, the south wing of the Changjiang Delta. In order to accelerate the development strategy of building "a city with powerful economy, diversified culture and attractive tourism," Shaoxing city government and Municipal Party Committee set up Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone in July 2000. The objective is to build it into a new modernized, high-tech oriented industrial city, and one of the three component areas of Shaoxing center city.


SPIZ geographical environment

SPIZ administrates Doumen and Mashan towns and covers an area of 83 square kilometers with a population of more than 0.1 million. As the largest industrial area in Zhejiang Province, SPIZ plans to cover 41 square kilometers with a population of 0.17 million by 2020 in accordance with the general demands of the economical development and urban construction of Shaoxing city.


High-tech industries

SPIZ adheres to developing industries first, investment from abroad first and high-tech industries first as its working principle and plans to construct: Foreign Investment Park, Bio-engineering Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Park, Traditional Industries Upgrade Section and Central Commercial & Residential Section. SPIZ focuses on developing new high-tech industries such as biology & pharmaceutical, electro-mechanical integration, fine chemicals, new materials and environmental protection items and encourages the innovation and upgrade of the traditional industries like light textile and food industries.


Until now, 106 industrial projects with planned investment US$ 8.96 billion and contractual investment US $ 0.3 billion and actual investment US$ 0.06 million have been approved. Italian Vernicial Co. Ltd, Japanese Zixin Food Company and three domestic scaled projects with a total investment of US $ 0.36 billion are part of the projects in the zone.


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