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Taiwan Development Zone and Parks
Date: 2015-8-11 17:23:45

Southern Taiwan Science Park

The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) includes the Tainan Science Park and the Kaohsiung Science Park. The Tainan Science Park is situated between Xinshi, Shanhua and Anding District of Tainan City with a total area of 2,578 acres. The Kaohsiung Science Park is situated between Luzhu, Gangshan and Yong’an  District of Kaohsiung City with a total area of 1,409 acres.
The Incentives of STSP
1. Highly Administrative Efficiency  
2. Lowly Rent for Land and Factories
3. Sufficient R&D Activities
4. Tax Holiday & R & D Grants
5. Excellent Infrastructure
6. Improving Quality of Life
7. The Return of Taiwan Elites from the World
The Advantage of STSP
Embraced by two superhighways, Southern Taiwan's Science Park (STSP) located in historical Tainan, aims to be an advanced, multi-functional and multinational industrial park.
Home to the most prominent Opto-electronics manufacturing chain (such as TFT LCD display panels, LED, solar energy devices, image sensors, optical semiconductor devices, and optical diodes) and largest Biotech company in Taiwan, success has already firmly established itself there and comes as a reward that present and future companies can share alike.
Explore some history surrounding the fascinating ruins displayed at the local museum or just relax outside on specially sculptured recreational areas designed to convey a sense of peace and tranquility. Maybe you could also enjoy a picnic beside our artificial dam for this is a place of so much more than just manufacturing.