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Date: 2016-1-18 18:27:24

Investment Structure of Taizhou

Taizhou is located in the center of Jiangsu, to the north of Yangtze River and is one of central cities in Yangtze River Delta. Taizhou has a total area of 5,787 square meters and a population of 5.07 million. It administrates four counties, namely Jingjiang, Taixing, Jiangyan and Xinghua, two districts, namely Hailing and Gaogang, and the Taizhou Medical Hi-tech Zone. In 2012, it had the local production value of RMB 242.2 billion and the financial income exceeded RMB 62.3 billion.


Modern urban agriculture: projects for seed and seedling cultivation, further processing of food and agricultural products , leisure farming, high-efficiency facilities agriculture and agricultural high-tech development and research Modern service industry: modern logistics, finance and insurance, tourism, information consulting, software development and research; provide global outsourcing services, including information technology outsourcing (ITO) and clinical research organization (CRO)


New materials: develop information materials, new energy materials, biological medicinal materials and nanometer materials

New energy: develop upstream and downstream industries of solar energy, wind energy and ecological energy

Social undertakings: bring in projects for sports cultural facilities, health care institutions, education and training

Precision machinery: automotive components, major appliances, numerical control machines and extended industries

Chemical industry: mainly develop chemical industries of chloral kali, fluorine and petroleum, and fine chemicals industry

Pharmacy: develop the research and production of biological medicine, modern medicine, Chinese medicine, medical apparatus and pharmaceutical packaging materials

Ship-building: mainly develop oil tankers and container liners with large tonnages, and supporting industries as well.


Foreign Enterprises in Taizhou

  Taizhou LG Electronical Refrigerating Machine Co., Ltd (LGETR), was set up in January 2003, and is now one of five global refrigerator production bases. The corporation is located in the Taizhou Economic and Development Zone, occupying a total area of 224,000 square meters, registering a capital of 65 million US dollars. At present, the corporation has a staff of 3,400 and annual sales reach 500 million US dollars, which makes it one of the top 10 foreign investment export enterprises. Product sales maintain a top 3 position compared to sales of similar products.


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